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Car Tuning


Building, preparing and tuning a slot car for a race is a fun part of the hobby. Some people just like to add some lubrication and change their tires before going to a race. Others want their car to be the best it can be. For those people, we have created The Ultimate Checklist for tuning a slot car. If you go through this list every time you’re preparing a car for a local club race or a long proxy race, we can’t promise you’ll win every race but you’ll certainly have one of the best handling cars on the track.

We also have prepared over the years a multitude of articles, charts and tips on tuning many aspects of a slot car. Some of those articles are recent, others are (really!) older but the basic principles still apply, even if the cars, tools and parts that are mentioned in those articles are sometimes different or have simple been replaced by something else. Look through those reference materials and we're sure you will learn a thing or two.

*  Of course, make sure the race or club rules allow each modification we’re suggesting. We sure don’t want you to be called a cheater!


pdficon.pngThe Ultimate Tuning Checklist
Go through this list every time you're preparing a car for a local club race or a distant proxy race and you're sure to have one of the best handling cars on the track. Une version française est également disponible. Gear Ratio Chart
Along with the gear ratios, you will find information on all available Slot.It gears and notes about their usage. Keep it as a handy reference when building cars and ordering parts.


fileicon.pngAxle Spacers
Why using axle spacers is important. How, when and where.


fileicon.pngSetting Up the Front Axle Height
An excellent tutorial by John Kroppe (aka «Moby Dick») describing how to set the front axle height, a very important part of a good-handling car.


fileicon.pngTuning the Front End
For a good-handling car, the goal is to have all four wheels on the track at all times, for traction and stability. Let's look at the front of the car.


fileicon.pngMotor Lead Wire
The many faces of motor lead wire, the part of the car that handles the only link between the motor and the track power.


fileicon.pngCopper Braid
How to choose the best car copper braid to pick up power from the track.


fileicon.pngBushing Alignment
How to perfectly align rear bushings to make sure the rear axle is not binding and is perfectly to rotate as fast as possible.


fileicon.pngAxle and Conversion Kits
With good round wheels, tight bushings, a straight axle and nice gears, you will really feel the difference.


fileicon.pngHow-To Articles - Various Subjects
Many articles that touch many aspects of tuning a slot car and/or building tracks, driver stations and tables.

NOTE: Those articles were written many years ago may be outdated in some cases.


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