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Driver Station

  • 1/4" Male to 1/8" Mini-Jack Adaptor

    1/4" Male to 1/8" Mini-Jack Adaptor $4.00

    Use with 1/4" Panel Mount Jack if you plan to use controllers with Scalextric-style mini plugs. These have an all metal housing which holds up much better than adapters with cheap, plastic housings...

  • 1/4" Mount Panel Jack

    1/4" Mount Panel Jack $5.50

    Open frame 1/4" panel mount jack for Ninco (1/4") and Scalextric (mini) controller plugs. Extra long threaded mounting stem for panels and mounting surfaces up to 1/4" thick. Large solder tabs and open frame design simplify...

  • Alligator Clips

    Alligator Clips $3.00

    For those who want to convert their controller connections to alligator clips (which are often used on homemade tracks), we offer all you need to make the conversion. Our alligator clips are high quality and are available in...

  • Basic Hardware Kit

    Basic Hardware Kit $6.50

    If you're the hands-on type and prefer to build your own controller hookup panels, we've assembled a hardware kit which includes the basic components needed for any panel configuration. There are several optional add-on's...

  • Blank Colored Panels

    Blank Colored Panels $8.00

    Colored plastic panels are perfect for fabricating your own driver's stations. Panels are very durable yet easy to drill and require no painting. Colors available include red, white, blue, yellow, and green as shown. Panels...

  • Panel Mount Fuse Holder

    Panel Mount Fuse Holder $3.00

    Fuses are easy to incorporate into your track wiring. If you are using wallwarts or power supplies with a low current rating (say 5 amps continuous or less), fuses are probably your best (and safest) choice. Fuse not...

  • Plastic Fender Washers (set of 3)

    Plastic Fender Washers (set of 3) $2.00

    Plastic Fender Washers for controller hookups help ensure controllers are connected properly. Each set includes a black, white and red washer. Washers are 1 1/8" in diameter with a 3/16" diameter hole (fits 8/32 machine...

  • Power Relay - 12 volts

    Power Relay - 12 volts $6.50

    If you plan to incorporate a race management system into your layout, most include software which will control track power at the beginning and end of a race along with track calls. The software typically works in...

  • PTCC Self-Resetting Circuit Protection

    PTCC Self-Resetting Circuit Protection $1.50

    A “polymeric positive temperature coeffecient device”, commonly called a PPTC, differs from fuses and circuit breakers in that they don’t actually “break” (open) a circuit when a fault is...

  • Thermal Breaker - 4A - Manual Reset

    Thermal Breaker - 4A - Manual Reset $5.50

    Thermal circuit breakers are more convenient to use than fuses - there is nothing to replace and they can be reset quickly (push a reset button); however, they are getting harder and harder to find (and therefore, more and...

  • Track-Call Button with Micro-Switch

    Track-Call Button with Micro-Switch $6.50

    These are arcade quality track call buttons perfect for panel mounting applications. Mounting hole diameter is 1 1/8". The mounting stem is long enough to mount on surfaces up to 3/4" thick. Includes top-of-the-line "Cherry"...

  • XLR Connectors

    XLR Connectors $5.50

    XLR connectors are used on a growing number of tracks, at least in the northeast of the continent (New England and Québec). Fast, foolproof, secure and durable, this is probably the best way to connect your controller...

  • Controller Holder

    Controller Holder $13.00

    Tired of accidentally knocking your controller onto the hard floor?  Or having someone set their controller down on your track and causing an accident?  Let's face it - whether you spend $20, $200 or more...

  • Controller Holder Mounting Bracket

    Controller Holder Mounting Bracket $6.00

    Our popular controller holders are designed to be mounted to a vertical surface such as the side of a track table. This optional mounting bracket lets you mount a controller holder to the top or bottom of a horizontal...

  • Potentiometer

    Potentiometer $8.00

    This is a 25, 50 or 100 ohm potentiometer rated at 5 watts which is well suited to most 1/32 RTR cars. The threaded metal bushing permits mounting in controller hookup panels (like the ones offered above). For controllers...